BIA Clinic

Thi-Ut Nguyen | Physiotherapist


MSc. Physiotherapy

Honours B.Sc. Human Physiology, Neuroscience

Thi-Ut is the newest member of the Back in Action family. 

Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Thi-Ut graduated with honours and distinction from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology and Neuroscience. Thi-Ut completed her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. 


Thi-Ut decided to pursue a career in physical therapy after working as a personal support worker with a client who was involved in a serious car accident. Witnessing how physical therapy helped to empower her client to regain independence sparked her interest in physical therapy. Ever since, Thi-Ut has been fascinated by movement as medicine.

Areas of Interest:

Thi-Ut is passionate about helping people reach their goals, ease their pain, and empowering them. She likes to collaborate with my clients to provide a personalized treatment plan. Her treatment approach includes a combination of education, manual therapy, and a tailored exercise prescription. She has experience treating orthopeadic and neurological conditions in all ages. 


Thi-Ut is a strong believer in lifelong learning and she is interested in pursuing her training in acupuncture, concussion rehabilitation, and neuro-developmental treatment.


In her spare time, she coaches snowboarding and promotes motorcycle road safety through a non-profit organization. She also enjoys staying active through physical activity such as bicycling, beach volleyball and rock climbing. In addition to English, she is fluent in French, Vietnamese, Thai, and Lao.


Thi-Ut is a published author. Her research entitled “A dance program to improve gait and balance in individuals with chronic stroke: a feasibility study” is published in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation Journal.


Additionally, Thi-Ut is the recipient of the 2019 Carlos Melendez Memorial Award. The recipient of this award is selected by the graduating class in consultation with the Departmental Awards Committee and is one who exemplifies the strength of humanity and compassion towards others.