our story

After years of treating patients and their concussion injuries, it was difficult for us as a team when we couldn't find solutions for those who felt physical improvements but mentally they still felt subpar.  


Why were they still having difficulty with concentration, memory and attention? Why were they getting upset and flustered when they needed to do more than one task at a time? Why were they misplacing their house keys and forgetting tasks that were so simple to them before their injury?

It was disheartening to hear that these patients felt as if their quality of life was diminishing - they felt alone - they felt lost.  


They needed our help.  

From our standpoint, we knew you can't improve something unless you can measure it - but how were we going to do that? 

In November 2019, Dr. Scott was introduced to a group of individuals who answered our question:  How were we going to measure cognitive deficits in our patients objectively so we could support what they were telling us about their brain?  That group was called VoxNeuro.  

In May 2020, the team at VoxNeuro joined the Back in Action family.  


With the assistance of the VoxNeuro team, we are now able to give your brain a voice.  Back in Action uses VoxNeuro’s technology to support proactive brain health, informed clinical decision-making and customized care.

By measuring the electrical activity of your brain, VoxNeuro scores its performance through precise measurement of memory, information processing, attention & concentration. These healthy cognitive functions are imperative to your overall well-being and quality of life.

Our team can use your data to track your brain health over time, add certainty to the diagnostic process, and inform customized treatment strategies. 


When treatment is needed, repeat assessments confirm if your care plan is working for you, help to maximize your outcomes and expedite your recovery timelines.


Common Injuries or Factors That Can Affect Brain Health

 ●   Concussion (Sports, Car Accidents, Slip and Falls)

 ●   Traumatic brain injury

 ●   Anoxic brain injury

 ●   Stroke

 ●   Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

 ●   Mood disorders

 ●   Substance abuse 

 ●   Effects of aging

 ●   Alzheimers

 ●   Dementia

 ●   Neurodegenerative disorders

 ●   General cognitive health check-up

VoxNeuro helps to elevate brain health evaluation with rapid, objective and actionable data.


We can help you make informed decisions about your brain health.

If you are interested in learning more about the VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment™ and whether or not this assessment is right for you please contact our office at 416-785-8788 or click here.