Zack Goodman | Registered Kinesiologist


Registered Kinesiologist

Bachelor of Arts Kinesiology

M.Sc Exercise Science

Zack has been a part of the Back in Action family for the past 4 years.   

Prior to becoming a Registered Kinesiologist, graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s Kinesiology program in 2011 with an honors degree.  Following the completion of his undergraduate degree Zack decided to further his education by enrolling in a graduate program at the University of Toronto.  He obtained a Master's degree in Exercise Science Department.

Zack is also certified as a Functional Movement Screen provider.  

Areas of Interest:

Zack's major areas of expertise include:  Weight loss and improved body composition, functional movement assessment, cardiovascular assessment and endurance training, muscular strength and endurance assessment, high intensity interval training, muscular strength and endurance training and stability/balance and fall prevention.  

Community Involvement:

In the summer months, Zack runs and operates his family's business Camp New Moon.  At New Moon, their approach is to strike a balance between cabin group and individual activity, with an aim to meet the needs of every camper. Activities are designed to develop and enhance ‘hard skills’ and help to build confidence and self-esteem. Sports, games and group activities are seen to be valuable ‘social agents of change’, enabling children to cultivate patience, sharing, confidence and much more.


Zack completed a master’s thesis titled “The Cardiovascular Consequences of Recreational Hockey In Middle-Aged Men.” His thesis sought to examine what happens to individual cardiovascular responses during unorganized weekly hockey games.