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Your Registered Massage Therapy Care at BIA

Massage therapy can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It works by stimulating the natural release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. This helps to reduce physical tension, soreness, and fatigue associated with

stressed muscles, which in turn improves overall feelings of relaxation and wellness.

With over 20 years of combined experience our massage therapists excel at identifying the root cause of injury and how to get you feeling better and performing at optimal levels.  They will focus on the pain in your muscles and joints that come from everyday stress, repetitive strain, and more serious pain conditions. Massage therapy is also known to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and encourage the body to heal and recover faster.

Treatment times can range from 30 minute, 60 minute sessions and 90 minute sessions.

BIA’s Massage Therapists Specialize in:  

Concussion Rehabilitation & Management

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Head/Neck/TMJ Treatment

Stress Therapy & Management

Lymphatic Drainage

Fascial Release

Shoulder Massage
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