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Dr. Lauren Karatanevski


Doctor of Chiropractic

BA, Exercise and Sports Science

A former Olympic-level springboard diver,  Dr. Lauren Karatanevski has a multifaceted background that encompasses achievements in athletics, academics, and healthcare.  

Lauren is an alumni of the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, where she graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and Chemistry.

Driven by a passion for optimizing human performance and well-being, Lauren pursued her post-graduate studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, delving into the field of chiropractic care.

Dr. Lauren is also a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Provider (Acupuncture Council of Ontario), a Concussion Management Practitioner (Complete Concussion Management), and has taken numerous courses in Graston Techniques, Orthotic fittings, Functional Neurology and Functional Anatomical Palpation.

Areas of Interest: ​ Dr. Lauren practices an evidence-based, functional and diversified model of care; her individualized patient care consists of numerous types of therapies, treatment approaches, and exercise rehabilitation to get her patients back to feeling better and performing optimally.

She enjoys treating families, chronic headache and migraine sufferers, Ironman competitors and Triathletes, fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels, and she thrives on getting each and every patient performing at their best – whether that is in the workplace, at home, or in a sports event. ​

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