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Physiotherapy Services


Initial Examination (60min): $130.00

Subsequent Treatment (30min) (Adult): $80.00

Subsequent Treatment (30min) (Sr/Child): $70.00

Subsequent Treatment Extended (60min): $155.00

Your Physiotherapy Care at BIA

BIA’s Physiotherapists strive to better client outcomes by individualizing treatment strategies, and focus on client goals using objective and reproducible performance metrics.  


Hands-on therapy includes but is not limited to soft tissue therapy, mobilizations, and exercise and rehabilitation. Treatment may also include use of acupuncture, ultrasound, laser therapy, and shockwave therapy. 

BIA’s Physiotherapists specialize in:  

Concussion Rehabilitation & Management

Balance & Vestibular Therapy

Cognitive Therapy & Rehabilitation

Athletic Brain Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Personal Training

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